Radiator & Cooling System

The individual replacement components of your commercial vehicle’s Radiator & Cooling System require quality, OEM-specified spare parts that are precision designed for each application to ensure optimum performance levels across the entire system.

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Our Radiators feature sufficient power reserves in terms of flow rate and heat dissipation which enables them to compensate, up to a point, for age-related phenomena such as reduced flow caused by deposits or a drop in efficiency due to contaminated surfaces.  Something that imitation aftermarket parts, by contrast, simply cannot achieve.  Whether complete brazed or mechanical Radiators, flat fin or serpentine cores, our customers ultimately rely on our Radiators for their high cooling capacity which guarantees that their engines do not overheat.

A good quality aftermarket Water Pump is key to the operation of a diesel engine’s Cooling System.  Our Water Pumps are put through a wash process during manufacturing to remove all foreign particles and the impellers are accurately balanced to improve pump performance and reduce vibration. Using only premium grade materials contribute towards an extended lifespan and in doing so replacement costs are significantly minimised.

Our maintenance-free Viscous (Visco) Fan Clutches accurately control fan engagement and cooling system temperatures and will ensure that the fan is only engaged as temperatures increase.  They can be relied on for reduced fan noise, extended engine life, higher torques, improved reliability and better fuel efficiency.  Each Visco Fan Clutch is performance-tested after assembly and comes with a unique quality inspection report.

The premium quality Intercoolers on offer efficiently decrease air intake temperature to provide a denser intake charge to the engine and will result in added performance throughout the speed range.  Customers can also expect lower fuel consumption, improved engine efficiency, lower exhaust gas values and reduced thermal load on the engine.

Did You Know?

SAC’s easy-fit solutions provide a complete Radiator installation kit in one package to ensure correct and efficient installation which saves time and money.

Our Radiator Hoses can resist electrochemical degradation, are UV and ozone resistant and can withstand the destructive properties of many different fuels, oils and solvents.  It is advisable to simultaneously replace the Boost Pipes when replacing the Intercooler on your vehicle.  

Failure to purchase on-spec, premium quality Antifreeze can cause irreparable damage to your Radiator.  Ask your preferred SAC Technical Advisor about the correct solution for your vehicle.  Very NB:  when installing your new Radiator it is recommended to flush your system before adding the Antifreeze.  

Leaks in the Cooling System can seriously reduce the volume of Coolant in the system, leading to overheating which could potentially cause damage to the Cylinder Head Gasket.  That is why we endeavour to supply only the best products to mount and seal Radiator & Cooling Systems.

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