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Choosing a reliable and durable OE replacement Turbocharger is critical to the power output and efficiency of your commercial vehicle’s engine.  That is why SAC Commercial Parts partner with leading brand names who invest heavily in technology to ensure our customers benefit from the latest improvements in materials, component design and workmanship.

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Our Heavy Commercial Vehicle (HCV) high-precision Turbochargers are designed to improve volumetric engine efficiency and to withstand extreme pressure and temperatures.  Tight tolerances guarantee exact clearance between the blade and housing which will ensure optimum engine performance.  

SAC also supplies highly engineered Turbochargers to support the horsepower and engine displacement targets of most leading Medium Commercial Vehicles (MCV) available in South Africa today.  Superior components and internal movable parts made of the highest quality cast and billet materials will generate increased mechanical power and improve the overall efficiency of your engine’s combustion process.

The Variable Geometry Turbochargers (VGTs) in our range will ensure the Turbo’s aspect ratio is maintained at its optimum and in doing so will produce the least amount of lag, a low boost threshold and high efficiency at higher speeds.  Further to that, our VGTs promote sufficient Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) to reduce nitrogen oxide levels in line with Minimum Emission Standards.

Whether you require Rubber or Silicone Hoses, Reducers, Oil Feed Pipes, V-band Clamps, Turbo Gasket Kits or Seals, as a One-Stop-Shop you can rely on SAC to provide you with quality Turbo Accessories that will withstand the high speeds, pressures and temperatures associated with effective Turbo & Exhaust operation.

Did You Know?

Turbocharger performance influences all important engine parameters, such as fuel economy, power, and emissions.  Our expertly engineered Turbochargers will meet or exceed your engine’s OE specifications, thus providing guaranteed reduction in downtime, better performance, increased fuel efficiency and ultimately longer engine life.

Cutting corners when replacing auxiliary Turbo parts could result in unnecessary, costly damage to your engine.  For instance, by replacing defective Boost Pipe Clamps one can, at a nominal expense, prevent dirt from entering the Turbo which in turn is critical when it comes to preventing damage to the veins and impeller.

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