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In this industry It is essential to partner with an industry expert such as SAC Commercial Parts to guarantee the quality, availability and, most importantly, compatibility of reliable OEM certified aftermarket Clutches and Clutch Components.

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Our single-disc Clutch Kits allow for quicker and a more comfortable gear shifting experience. Likewise, the dual plate-type Clutch Kits on offer invariably require less force and are known to transmit greater torque than most of the competing brands in the market.
Not to mention a long service life and minimum amount of downtime required for installation.

For a seamless connection between engine and Clutch put your trust in our range of Flywheels. They are well-known for their ability to decrease engine vibration, effectively eliminating rattles and ultimately reducing fuel consumption which in turn impacts your overall carbon footprint.
SAC’s Clutch Servos and Cylinders are sourced and selected specifically for their improved functionality. They are hard-wearing and durable – this will reduce maintenance and replacement costs. Note that both our Master Cylinders and Slave Cylinders as well as ECA-type Servos undergo rigorous global testing and adhere to the highest quality standards, as do our Clutch Forks and essential related components such as Clutch Fork Rollers, Shafts, Screws, Bushings and Repair Kits.
Also note that our purpose-designed Bearings can withstand extreme temperatures without compromising on durability and performance. Further to that, the extremely accurate Inter-Radial Clearance associated with our range is relied on to guarantee proper machine operation and will extend bearing life. Be it Clutch Release Bearings, Clutch Fork Spherical Bearings, Flywheel Pilot Bearings or Clutch Master Cylinder Needle Bearings, we strive to offer the best possible alternatives to OE parts!

Did You Know?

Mismatched Clutch components are a leading cause of engagement and release problems. It is therefore advisable not to replace only individual components on a Clutch. Consider replacing the complete Clutch because incompatible Clutch components that were not designed and tested to fit together will assuredly wear out your Clutch faster and cost much more in the long run.

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