Technical tips for turbo installation


When you install a new or reconditioned turbo, consider the following items to make sure that your truck is back on the road and operating perfectly in the shortest possible time.

  • Check the exhaust manifold for any cracks.
  • Check the exhaust flange seating area to make sure it is straight. You will have to re-skim this surface if it is not flat.
  • Check and replace the turbo flange gasket.
  • Check that the EPG valve is not sticky and in a fully open position.
  • Replace the engine oil and oil filter.
  • Check inside the intake and exhaust manifold for foreign objects.
  • Ensure that the intake manifold is completely oil free.
  • Ensure that all the air filters are clean.
  • Inspect the intake pipes to make sure that everything is in a good condition and free of rust or dust that might enter the engine later.
  • Check the turbo bearings.
  • Start the engine to check oil pressure levels.
  • Listen for any funny noises that might indicate that something is loose.
  • Check for any oil or air leaks.
  • Test drive the vehicle and pay attention to any excessive diesel smoke.
  • Re-check the engine for oil and air leaks after taking a test drive.

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