Technical tips for the installation of injectors


It is very important to follow the correct steps when installing injectors. Injectors are highly sensitive equipment and a failure to keep the engine clean and leak-free could lead to more costly repairs.





Follow these steps when installing injectors:

  • Clean the injector sealing area in the cylinder head properly.
  • Replace the injector-tubes.
  • Ensure that injector-seals are in their proper position and lubricate the “O” rings before installing the injectors.
  • Make sure your injector plumber settings are correct.
  • Replace the fuel filters.
  • Replace the water trap.
  • Clean the fuel pickups in the fuel tank.
  • Start the engine and listen for funny noises.
  • Check the system for any fuel leaks.
  • Test drive the vehicle and test the available power. Also check for excessive smoke.

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